Strong But Depleted (Depression)


Each of us have our own battles we fight daily from the moment our consciousness were awakened. We struggle every single time to keep our head above the water, trying to survive somehow from different sorts of dilemmas – spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional.

Some people can easily shake off all their troubles with just a piece of cake or wine while others are consumed. Though these people strive to be strong enough to fight their demons, however, there would always be a breaking point.

When this comes, be sure to be with people who knows you well. Not just by the first few pages of your life story but rather the in and out of your personality. Why? These people knows how to deal with you when you break and tear apart. These people will not nag or judge you, but rather offer their company and just listen to your sentiments and talks whenever needed. Also, find your inner peace. Go to the beach, travel, climb the mountain, eat desserts and do the things that makes you happy, even the simplest one can appease your depression, somehow. Finally, if you are a believer,talk to the almighty one as He gives us peace and solitude. But bear in mind that these are my personal suggestions and I know each of us have different coping mechanisms. Depression is never easy and it cannot be explained nor cannot be fathomed by someone who doesn’t have it.

Strive and hold on to whatever makes you believe in life – and just survive somehow.

via Daily Prompt: Deplete ; Deplete


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  1. Great post. Self care and finding sources of happiness for oneself is important to get through depression.

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    1. Kimmy Fuller says:

      Thanks! I would also agree to your comment. Although sometimes these things are not enough, but we got to survive somehow 🙂

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      1. Yes. Whatever can make the situation a bit easier and provide a little comfort if not relief


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